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We’re taking Softwire’s vast experience of training graduates to be outstanding software developers and applying it to a new generation of skilled, motivated individuals wishing to break into the world of tech.

Techsmiths' Skillsets


Most businesses require staff that can understand the full lifecycle, and transition between different roles when needed. Managing a small project, setting up a CI pipeline, designing a new page, writing high quality code, system-testing a product – we’d expect our technical staff to be able to do any of these. It makes resourcing much easier if your staff are multi-dimensional. We believe in truly cross-functional teams, and that comes from a diverse skill set – built on a foundation of excellence in software engineering.

Soft Skills

Soft skills can make a huge difference to how successful delivery team members are. We select candidates not merely on their potential as developers but what other expertise they bring to the table. And we consider it an essential part of training to bring out the best in people in all areas and to help them instill good habits. This is all achieved by better diversity of recruitment – something we take very seriously, and have strong supporting networks to help with.

Genuine Understanding

As a developer, it’s far more important to understand the fundamental principles of software development than it is to know exactly how to do any one particular task. Everyone has access to resources such as Stack Overflow but those resources won’t usually help explain the big picture, or why one approach might be better than another. The most valuable employees are the ones who understand the objectives and requirements – even the ones that aren’t made explicit - and can use their own judgement and experience as they research the best way of implementing the detail.

Meet our recent Techsmiths

Photo of Jess

The best thing about the course is that it is solely focused on teaching and training us, not about how much I already knew or had done. I didn’t have any prior knowledge on programming or coding, but they saw I was smart, good at logical thinking and a fast learner and they taught me the rest through a 12-week bootcamp.

Photo of Tom

The teaching was carried out by professionals who really knew what they were talking about and were super helpful. The tasks we were given to do were fun and challenging with a good learning curve.

Photo of Ben

Rather than feeding you answers, you’re encouraged to think for yourself to come up with your own ideas and improve your own skills. It’s likely that you’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but the excellent mentors guide you towards a sensible solution. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the software development industry.

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